Train Running Status and PNR Status

The Train Running Status of Indian Railways also known as the train enquiry or spot your train is a service used to locate the live location of a running train. This is a one of the best feature of the Indian Railways provided to its passengers to track the live running train status.

PNR Status is another service by Indian railways, where one can check the current booking status of the train ticket. The pnr status of indian railways can be checked by using the 10 digit passenger name record on the India railway portal.

A couple of years back, there is no such service and obviously passengers has no way to know where exactly the train is. They have to known the exact location only when the train arrives at a railway station. With the booming of the internet and mobile, the Indian Railways have come up with a new service which allows any one (not only passengers) to spot live location of a running train. Both the IRCTC and Indian Railways have come up with this Idea an launched this service under the name National train enquiry system (NTES). Later this service was renamed to train running status. It also called as the spot your train.

How to track live train running status:

Here is a simple guide on tracking the live train status.

  • Visit the online portal, train enquiry, and enter the train number or train name.
  • Alternatively you can also check the status of the train at train running status and running train status portals.
  • Select the station name and then enter the date on which the train arrives at the station.
  • That is it the live train running status will be shown. It will also provide the train schedule of the selected train.

Spot Your Train

How the spot your train feature of the Indian Railways work? One might have questions on how our Indian Railways provides the location of a running train. The answer is very simple. One should remember that the Indian railways won’t show us the exact location of the train. It just provides with information of the last railway station that it has crossed and at what time the train has crossed. The railway department keeps tracking of the time when a train arrives at a station and presents this information when the user requests for the live location of the running train.

The Indian Railways should place a GPS device on each train. So that the train location can be exactly tracked with the help of the satellites and also the location can be shown on the maps. In conclusion, the train running status is a cool feature and can be used by anyone to enquiry for the live location of a running train.

National Train Enquiry System (NTES)

The CRIS (centre for railway information systems) runs the NTES portal. It also responsible for other portals of Indian Railway systems like IRCTC.

In conclusion, the train enquiry service is very comfortable for passengers in locating the live location of a running train. PNR status is unique feature where in passenger can check the booking status of train ticket.